Countdown to Summer!

It's nice to have something to COUNT DOWN to!  Since we don't know WHEN we'll get the call, and just continue to wait, we have to count down to something - SUMMER!  

Hope and Hannah only have 19 school days left until summer!  Hope is finished with all of her year end testing and Hannah has her testing this week and next week.  (And Rob has 25 days left until his summer starts and is wrapping up his most winning season of Lacrosse since he's been coaching at NFHS!)

Even though we are anxiously waiting for Hope's transplant, she is stable and our lives continue as normal! Therefore, we are planning on a normal summer:

Hannah - has her first job (teaching swim lessons at the Y)!

Hope - will be spending TWO weeks at YMCA Camp Ocoee in beautiful TN

Family - we'll be doing our annual camping trip to NC with Heather and her girls; looking forward to a visit from Tom/Rita Kienle's for a week during 4th of July; two Lacrosse tournaments; lots of kayak trips down the river; Rob's Birthday; redesigning our backyard; renovating both of the girls bathrooms; and I'm sure Rob has some golf on his schedule.  And - since summer is a fun and busy time at the Y - I'll be working...

If any of you are near Gainesville GA this summer, we'd love for you to visit us (if we're in town).  

My sweet friend Julie Simmons sent me this verse the other day and it has stayed with me...

Isaiah 40:31-1 - "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

Thank you for the continued love, support and prayers!

Yeah, I can't wait for summer

Yeah, I can't wait for summer to arrive again. I just want to fly one of my walmart drones in the open and I can't do that in the winter at all. Come soon, Summer.

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Oh man Borc and Brady look

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